The Rape of Nanking


Elizabeth is a senior in high school.  She plans to study design and architecture in college.  Shehas researched the Rape of Nanking in Holocaust class and has found it tobe disheartening and disturbing.  This class is important to her because it is important to have a full understandingof our world's history.

Charlotte is a Senior in high school. She will be attending the University of Alabama in the fall majoring in Interior Design. She plans on eventually owning her own business doing both commercial and household interiors. She has truly enjoyed Holocaust class and feels that it has helped her to more fully grasp what the Holocaust is all about. She believes that being in this class will help her in the future to understand people better.

Kelly G. is currently a senior at the Academy.  She is eagerly awaiting the day she graduates and begins college at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.  She plans to study Dietetics and then move on to become a Naturopathic Doctor at SCNM.  Kelly enjoys learning about different Holocaust's because it inspires compassion and love for all people.  Having compassion and a desire to help people will be an important part of becoming a successful doctor in her future.

Laura B. has always been very interested in history and has enjoyed the learning experience that not only this website has provided for her, but also the class itself.